Been a while since I last posted an update. It's been a tough period for me, having to go through all kinds of stuff, eg: academics, self realization and my future career, but fear not, I'll spare you guys the boring details and cut to the end. XD

So the main problem was to differentiate what I'm good at and what I think I'm good and capable of. Chasing something that I already posses but not realizing it is really stressful. 

I thought I liked 3D Modelling and Special Effects because of all those interesting visuals and the ability to create what you think should be like and make it in motion. The truth is, I admire it and love it, but I actually do not have the passion to learn it.

For a while I forced myself to go through tutorials of 3D and VFX, the process should have been fun and interesting, but instead I found it to be boring and my attention span could hardly last through the whole tutorial.

Realizing the mistake I have made to myself, I then did self evaluation again and came to accept my strength and weaknesses. It was photography and typography.

So today I set out to take some photos and try something NEW! HDR! It was what I really wanted to do I guess because I found it interesting and actually stayed on to learn the process.

So to conclude this post, here are the two images: (inspiration was absent today) =(
Taman Jaya Lake
8/24/2018 11:05:07 pm

Thank you very much

12/4/2018 04:48:58 am

it is very interesting and full of information

12/4/2018 04:49:53 am

I am very pleased to see these kind Information In this post


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