Today would be the first day of the 5 days silkscreen workshop organized by Kung Yu. A handful of us attended the workshop; Me, Pei Ying, Kevin and Wei Houng, reason being most of the other members were back in their hometown. 

We started out by preparing the stencils with the photo emulsion, which took longer than expected, we had to wait for the next day before exposing it to the light bulb for our design.

While waiting for the emulsion to dry, each of us made a simple design that would be screen printed on to some fabrics that would later be sewed into small little bags. 

After that, we went down to KL, Kenanga Wholesale City to buy materials for our recycle bag and t-shirt that would be screen printed. The building was packed and it had 8 floors of textiles products! After surveying the building, we went to KAMDAR for additional materials. Got to know all kinds of arts and crafts materials that Kung Yu and Pei Ying explained along the way.

We reached UTAR around 5pm, after bidding farewell to Kung Yu and Wei Houng, we went to Publika's food court 'EAT' for dinner. Watched a movie that was about a troop of scouts making their 100km expedition for the  King Scout title, not the most interesting film, but it has its amusing moments. Photos to wrap out today's trip! =D
Doodling at Publika while sitting on whale chairs
Group photo! I was sitting on the smallest whale chair despite being the biggest size... and also accidentally blurring myself with the f3.5 aperture ='(

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