1 more week and my internship ends, after that I'll be back to university continuing my studies. Through the days of my intern, one question keeps on floating around my mind, which is what will I be really doing after my studies... 

Right now there really ain't a clear direction of what I want to do. Working in an agency was fun, but its also tiring and demanding, not really what I was hoping for.

So with that I came up with this artwork, my mind floating around like a balloon, guided by what there is to do. Hopefully I'll be at someplace where I really belong.
Went surfing on Behance Network and found a very good photo. 

Every time I look at it I find peace and tranquility. Maybe its the low key setting and muted colors, while using bubbles with their highly reflective surface to reflect colors of light. 
I feel my whole body lifted, it became lighter. 

                macromicro contemporary art festival
Suddenly thought of my childhood cartoon series, Winnie the Pooh. Did some surfing and found the movie Pooh's Most Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin.

The movie is really touching, and I think my personality is very much influenced by Pooh's characteristics. Can't stop loving it. <3 

If only it wasn't just a movie...



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