As most people know, 5-5-2013 for Malaysia was a day filled with all sorts of negative emotions; anger, disappointment, hopeless, fatigue, all mixed together in the last few hours of the day. 

Citizens came together to take part in the General Election 13 (GE13) of Malaysia, showing their support and love for the nation. Barisan National (BN), a party that has held 56 years of power in governing Malaysia was facing a close fight in voting from the opposition party Pakatan Rakyat (PR), which consists of DAP, PKR and PAS.

What was most disappointing was the actions taken by BN to ensure it wins the GE13:

1. Citizenship was offered with an expiry date to foreign workers by BN in exchange for votes.
2. Transferring of last minute ballots to areas that they were losing.

There are many rumors about other tactics used that are far more severe but sadly no solid evidence could be found.

After hours of delay, mainstream media finally announced BN won the GE13. An uproar came from the citizens as the transparency of the polling results were never clear, and also the delay of announcement added more suspicion.

Just after the announcement, our new Prime Minister Najib Razak said in the rise of votes in the opposition was caused by the Chinese, saying it was a Chinese Tsunami. Dr Mahathir, former Prime Minister also blamed the Chinese for not being grateful and not appreciating what they have done for the Chinese and voted for the opposition.

Being a Prime Minister, they are given the power to govern the country, and with that power they should be improving the lives of the people as the people have trusted them with their votes. None of the above was seen but instead, racial remarks were given, both mainstream media and those in power.

As always, shadow can never live without its light. This shadow that was cast upon Malaysia maybe long, but there will always be the light to guide us, it may be dim and it may be just a glimpse, but it will always be there no matter how dark it is, as the darkest hour is that of before dawn. 
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