Been a while since I last posted an update. It's been a tough period for me, having to go through all kinds of stuff, eg: academics, self realization and my future career, but fear not, I'll spare you guys the boring details and cut to the end. XD

So the main problem was to differentiate what I'm good at and what I think I'm good and capable of. Chasing something that I already posses but not realizing it is really stressful. 

I thought I liked 3D Modelling and Special Effects because of all those interesting visuals and the ability to create what you think should be like and make it in motion. The truth is, I admire it and love it, but I actually do not have the passion to learn it.

For a while I forced myself to go through tutorials of 3D and VFX, the process should have been fun and interesting, but instead I found it to be boring and my attention span could hardly last through the whole tutorial.

Realizing the mistake I have made to myself, I then did self evaluation again and came to accept my strength and weaknesses. It was photography and typography.

So today I set out to take some photos and try something NEW! HDR! It was what I really wanted to do I guess because I found it interesting and actually stayed on to learn the process.

So to conclude this post, here are the two images: (inspiration was absent today) =(
Taman Jaya Lake
As most people know, 5-5-2013 for Malaysia was a day filled with all sorts of negative emotions; anger, disappointment, hopeless, fatigue, all mixed together in the last few hours of the day. 

Citizens came together to take part in the General Election 13 (GE13) of Malaysia, showing their support and love for the nation. Barisan National (BN), a party that has held 56 years of power in governing Malaysia was facing a close fight in voting from the opposition party Pakatan Rakyat (PR), which consists of DAP, PKR and PAS.

What was most disappointing was the actions taken by BN to ensure it wins the GE13:

1. Citizenship was offered with an expiry date to foreign workers by BN in exchange for votes.
2. Transferring of last minute ballots to areas that they were losing.

There are many rumors about other tactics used that are far more severe but sadly no solid evidence could be found.

After hours of delay, mainstream media finally announced BN won the GE13. An uproar came from the citizens as the transparency of the polling results were never clear, and also the delay of announcement added more suspicion.

Just after the announcement, our new Prime Minister Najib Razak said in the rise of votes in the opposition was caused by the Chinese, saying it was a Chinese Tsunami. Dr Mahathir, former Prime Minister also blamed the Chinese for not being grateful and not appreciating what they have done for the Chinese and voted for the opposition.

Being a Prime Minister, they are given the power to govern the country, and with that power they should be improving the lives of the people as the people have trusted them with their votes. None of the above was seen but instead, racial remarks were given, both mainstream media and those in power.

As always, shadow can never live without its light. This shadow that was cast upon Malaysia maybe long, but there will always be the light to guide us, it may be dim and it may be just a glimpse, but it will always be there no matter how dark it is, as the darkest hour is that of before dawn. 
Malaysia Leave(s)
1 more week and my internship ends, after that I'll be back to university continuing my studies. Through the days of my intern, one question keeps on floating around my mind, which is what will I be really doing after my studies... 

Right now there really ain't a clear direction of what I want to do. Working in an agency was fun, but its also tiring and demanding, not really what I was hoping for.

So with that I came up with this artwork, my mind floating around like a balloon, guided by what there is to do. Hopefully I'll be at someplace where I really belong.
Wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year! =D
Today would be the first day of the 5 days silkscreen workshop organized by Kung Yu. A handful of us attended the workshop; Me, Pei Ying, Kevin and Wei Houng, reason being most of the other members were back in their hometown. 

We started out by preparing the stencils with the photo emulsion, which took longer than expected, we had to wait for the next day before exposing it to the light bulb for our design.

While waiting for the emulsion to dry, each of us made a simple design that would be screen printed on to some fabrics that would later be sewed into small little bags. 

After that, we went down to KL, Kenanga Wholesale City to buy materials for our recycle bag and t-shirt that would be screen printed. The building was packed and it had 8 floors of textiles products! After surveying the building, we went to KAMDAR for additional materials. Got to know all kinds of arts and crafts materials that Kung Yu and Pei Ying explained along the way.

We reached UTAR around 5pm, after bidding farewell to Kung Yu and Wei Houng, we went to Publika's food court 'EAT' for dinner. Watched a movie that was about a troop of scouts making their 100km expedition for the  King Scout title, not the most interesting film, but it has its amusing moments. Photos to wrap out today's trip! =D
Doodling at Publika while sitting on whale chairs
Group photo! I was sitting on the smallest whale chair despite being the biggest size... and also accidentally blurring myself with the f3.5 aperture ='(
Joined a group of people for a pool party on the 31st of August, and I went as the photographer for the day, quite the experience I'd say. First time taking my D90 into the pool, all of them were like so worried I'd drop my camera into the water haha.

Catching their enjoyable moments were really great, not the prettiest sight, but it sure brings a smile to a person's face. Got complimented for the photos I took, but the truth is I rely much on Photoshop to enhance it.
Still kinda bad at catching it raw.

Some pics from that day, enjoy!

PS: Mr T is awesome as ever.
I have always had a thing for rhymes, I find it very catchy and sometimes cool at reciting them haha. But the thing is, I'm only capable of doing such things when I'm emotionally unstable, which kinda limits me. Guess my creative cells just tend to be more active when I'm emo D= but better than none =D 

Suddenly a thought came across my mind. I've heard that all it takes to create a visually attractive book is to combine great photos with great typography. This lead me to combining my rhymes with the photos I took. 

Coincidentally one of my photo suited one of my rhymes quite well and hence work began. It took me 1 and a half days to create the work, with 1 day filled with unworkable ideas while the next day just 15 mins for it to happen, guess you cant really force it out when its not the time yet. 

Here's my work: Clandestine 
Went to Kuantan for a 2 day trip from 17th May to 18th May. Was rather tiring as I drove to and fro, and most of our activities were eating haha. Had great food over there, especially the desert called Leng Chee Kang, one of the best I've tasted so far. 

Special thanks to Mr. Khoo and also Mr. Hong for the hospitality. They took us everywhere for food haha, never had a moment that we were starving. 

Being near the ocean, the scenery was breath taking. First time encountering such sunrise, and lucky me I got my brand new Samsung Galaxy SII! So I took it out and snap a few photos before leaving the second day.
Sunrise outside the hotel
Been a while since I updated this blog. Was rather busy with school concerts and finals I guess. Anyway, I went to Singapore with my university course mates (with a little push from my lecturer) to visit the art exhibitions. Was skeptical at first, but it turned out great!

It turned out that 3 days and 2 nights was insufficient to do everything in Singapore. It was so tiring to rush around for the museums and exhibitions, we barely had time to rest and have a break, let alone shopping. 

Everything was well, just a teeny-weeny bit of disappointment, that is I couldn't meet up with a friend that I really miss. To comfort myself, I manipulated a photo that I took and put his name on it. XD It was a sticker from Singapore Arts Museum (S.A.M) showing " I am made for SAM". Haha here's what happened to it. =P

I am made for Chris
This Singapore trip was definitely worth it, we spent very little but got heap loads of experience and insights. Will be planning for other exhibitions with the same gang in the future I hope. Next stop Thailand!
Best Jenga ever
Singapore Travel & Learn 2012
Went surfing on Behance Network and found a very good photo. 

Every time I look at it I find peace and tranquility. Maybe its the low key setting and muted colors, while using bubbles with their highly reflective surface to reflect colors of light. 
I feel my whole body lifted, it became lighter. 

                macromicro contemporary art festival


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